STM3210B_EVAL Directory Reference


file  stm3210b_eval.c [code]

This file provides

  • set of firmware functions to manage Leds, push-button and COM ports
  • low level initialization functions for SD card (on SPI), SPI serial flash (sFLASH) and temperature sensor (LM75) available on STM3210B-EVAL evaluation board from STMicroelectronics.

file  stm3210b_eval.h [code]

This file contains definitions for STM3210B_EVAL's Leds, push-buttons COM ports, SD Card (on SPI), sFLASH (on SPI) and Temperature sensor LM75 (on I2C) hardware resources.

file  stm3210b_eval_lcd.c [code]

This file includes the LCD driver for AM-240320LTNQW00H (LCD_HX8312), AM-240320L8TNQW00H (LCD_ILI9320), AM-240320LDTNQW00H (LCD_SPFD5408B) Liquid Crystal Display Module of STM3210B-EVAL board.

file  stm3210b_eval_lcd.h [code]

This file contains all the functions prototypes for the stm3210b_eval_lcd firmware driver.

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