#define TIM_CKD_DIV1   ((uint16_t)0x0000)
#define TIM_CKD_DIV2   ((uint16_t)0x0100)
#define TIM_CKD_DIV4   ((uint16_t)0x0200)

Define Documentation

#define IS_TIM_CKD_DIV ( DIV   ) 
(((DIV) == TIM_CKD_DIV1) || \
                             ((DIV) == TIM_CKD_DIV2) || \
                             ((DIV) == TIM_CKD_DIV4))

Definition at line 351 of file stm32f10x_tim.h.

Referenced by TIM_SetClockDivision(), and TIM_TimeBaseInit().

#define TIM_CKD_DIV1   ((uint16_t)0x0000)

Definition at line 348 of file stm32f10x_tim.h.

Referenced by main(), and TIM_TimeBaseStructInit().

#define TIM_CKD_DIV2   ((uint16_t)0x0100)

Definition at line 349 of file stm32f10x_tim.h.

#define TIM_CKD_DIV4   ((uint16_t)0x0200)

Definition at line 350 of file stm32f10x_tim.h.

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